Download OBS Studio 25.0.4 for Windows

OBS Studio is a notable free and open-source video recording and lives to spill instrument for Windows PC. It goes with an astonishing extent of features that license you to make capable accounts and live stream set-ups. OBS Studio supports the sum of your favored spouting stages including Twitch, Mixer, and YouTube. Download OBS Studio 25.0.4 for Windows.

Download OBS Studio 25.0.4 for Windows
Download OBS Studio 25.0.4 for Windows

Download OBS Studio 25.0.4 for Windows

Scenes can be amassed from various sources including window gets, pictures, content, program windows, webcams, get cards and that is just a hint of something larger. OBS Studio is especially loved by Twitch decorations considering its versatile course of action limits and the ability to add face went to your live streams. You can incorporate countless scenes switch between them reliably by methods for custom advances.

OBS Studio 25.0.4 features

Video recording and live spouting programming.

Absolutely free and open-source.

Licenses modules and substance for customization.

Prevalent video and sound catch and mixing.

Incorporate live face came or picture-in-picture.

Gigantic change library.

Set hotkeys for exercises.

Studio mode.

Unbelievable and easy to use plan decisions.

Estimated ‘Dock’ UI.

OBS Studio 25.0.4 features

You can absolutely adjust each piece of your narrative or broadcasting with the Streamline settings. OBS Studio furthermore realizes a specific UI that allows the customer to reexamine the plan or open parts in their own window. This suggests you can make a totally modified course of action that works definitely how you need it to.

OBS Studio is worked for composed exertion and customization. It is outfitted with an unfathomable API to allow modules and substance that license you to use the item to such an extent that suits your stand-out requirements. Since it is open-source, it furthermore allows you to work with arrange specialists to make the features you need.

Download OBS Studio 25.0.4 for Windows

By and large, OBS Studio is an inconceivable and feature-filled program for video recording and live spilling on windows PC. It is open-source, thoroughly free, and allows you to open unimaginable customization and convenience to suit your specific needs.

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