Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 10

Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 10. Hitting different key combinations rather than rolling over the mouse across the screen saves much of your precious time. These key combinations are called keyboard shortcuts and during this tutorial, we are getting to learn different keyboard shortcuts in Windows 10 which possesses a lot of such combinations.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 10 possesses many new features and for launching them there are various keyboard shortcuts. Keyboard shortcuts also can be used for navigating around your OS and also for organizing the layout of your desktop. Listed below are some useful Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 10.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 10

Although Windows 10 is often operated with pen input and via Cortana through voice commands, the mouse and keyboard play the most important part in our daily use.

Microsoft obviously knows this, because many Windows 10 commands and functions also can be run using key combinations. In many cases, this is often faster than searching and clicking the corresponding command with the mouse.

In this Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts expert tip, we present to you the shortcuts that Windows 10 users should know, sorted during a tabular form consistent with their function. you’ll be surprised to ascertain what’s possible with just a couple of simple key combinations.

New Shortcuts in Windows 10

Windows Key + I: Opens Windows settings.
Windows Key + Ctrl+ D: Creates a virtual desktop.
Windows Key + F1: Opens Edge and Searches.
Windows Key + Ctrl + F4: Closes virtual desktop currently selected.
Windows Key + A: Opens notifications of Windows 10.
Windows Key + Ctrl + Left/Right: Switches between virtual desktops.
Windows Key + Print Screen Key: Creates a screenshot of the entire screen in the Photos app.

Shortcuts about Connecting and Sharing

Windows Key + K: Connects to audio devices also as wireless displays.
Windows Key + H: Shares content.
Windows Key + E: Opens Windows Explorer.
Shortcuts for Cortana
Windows Key + Q: Cortana’s Home View is opened with this shortcut and it also enables a search via speech or keyboard entry.
Windows Key + C: Cortana’s Speech prompt is opened.

Windows Standard Shortcuts

Windows Key + L: Windows 10 devices are going to be locked.
Windows Key + Enter: The narrator is opened. (Narrator may be a program which may read the text)
Windows Key + Tab: Task View of Windows 10 is launched.
Windows Key: Start Menu of Windows 10 is going to be opened.

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