Ramadan Wishing Script For Website 2020

Hi, Gays Welcome To My Site Pcfilz.com.  Gays In This Post Tell Me About Ramadan Qareem. Gays Ramadan Month Is Best Of All Year-Month For All Muslims. ☪ Ramadan Wishing Script For Website 2020 | Whatsapp Viral Script

Ramadan Wishing Script For Website 2020

So Friend’s Am Wishing All Muslim Advance Happy Ramadan Mubarak. This Ramadan Wishing Script For Website And Blogger. This Ramadan Wishing Script 2020 is a Very Beautiful Script. Please “Ramadan Wishing Script For Website 2020”  Share This Post And Click Demo Button And See Demo. Please All Muslim Brothers Share This Script At All Pakistan And Other Countries.

☪ Ramadan Wishing Script For Website 2020 | Whatsapp Viral Script

Hello friends, I came up with a new and better way to earn online. It’s called a viral script, so you make a lot of money with very little effort.

What is a viral script? Ramadan Wishing Script

The viral script is based on special events or festivals such as Eid-ul-Diwali Holi and other festivals. On this script, “Ramadan Wishing Script For Website 2020” you crave a viral trend and make it viral and make money on WhatsApp and other social media sites.

How to create a Ramadan Wishing Script

Here I provide different links to different scripts. Just copy or click the link for whatever script you want. When you click on this link you get a drive file, so just copy this blog and create a new blog account Add a new blog Add a blog to a blog Most Hello and yours Here’s how to add a username or address – choose a theme and now you have a new blog but you’re not done. Now select another theme on the next page and apply it. You now have a special festival viral Ramadan Wishing Script.

How to get it

If there is a domain with approved AdSense you only create a subdomain of the domain. We provide screenshots to help you.

So when you create a subdomain, add it to AdSense and place ads on it. And edit the script HTML and paste the AdSense code there. And the script went viral on the WhatsApp and other social media sites. Whenever someone opens your script, they see your ad and you get it this way.
So I hope you fully understand the structure of this article.




  1. Hi bro the script is not working properly.Images and gifs are not showing while opening the iste.Please help me

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